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yes SQL is included in SBS2000. If your install was performed correctly you
should have an entry for Small Business Server in Add/Remove Programs in
Control Panel. Go in there and assuming it's there run it. It will allow you
to modify your existing installation to install SQL Server.

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"Donald Watson" <REMOVETHISTOSEND.dwatson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
message news:wug5e.71$cu2.774@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Under my old SBS 4.5, SQL was installed.
> We upgraded to SBS 2000 in late 2003 early 2004.
> We never used SQL under 4.5 but now we are starting to do more database
> work and I'd like to use SQL on the server and use the Active pages to
> access data, (No more Access on everyone's computer).
> However, I just went in and examined my SBS 2000 server and don't find SQL
> or the front end stuff for SQL anywhere.
> Is SQL still included with SBS 2000 or did I miss something.
> A third part preinstalled SBS 2000 on the current server. I don't know if
> they skipped anything.
> Thanks


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