Re: pop3 connector event id 7023

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From: R.A. (
Date: 02/06/05

Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2022 09:05:22 +1100

Ok well I uninstalled Vet AV and restarted the server but the resault
was still the same.
I will follow the original answer from this point and reinstall the pop3
connecter, and i'll get back to you tomorrow about it.


R.A. wrote:
> Henry Craven wrote:
>> Hi R.A.
>> Glad to ear your better and back on top.
>> While your issue has popped ;-) up occasionally no one seems to have
>> bothered to post back that Suggestion x or y worked for them ( or not )
>> Although apparently not directly related, this Fix has been mentioned
>> in relation to your issue and may well be worth a try:
>> Scheduled POP3 connector e-mail message downloads may not occur on
>> your Windows Small Business Server 2003-based computer
>> I'm also curious if you're running any AV/Anti-SPAM software or if
>> your running the POP3 Service itself and what effect stopping those
>> services may have.
> I can report that this hasen't fixed my problem, the only thing that's
> running on the server is Vet AV.
> I will try stopping vet tonight and restarting, and get back to you
> regarding that.
> cheers
> R.A.

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