Re: Fax problems w2k3 sbs

From: Henry Craven (IUnknown_at_Dot.Nyet)
Date: 10/20/04

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    Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2021 15:21:10 +1000

    I've received the following response from Microsoft Support in response
    to your issue:

    It is difficult to identify the root cause without looking into what
    kind of activity has actually occurred at the failure point.

    I would suggest that we start with the following log first:

    I. The Activity Log

    This activity log contains two text files. Incoming log activity is
    recorded in InboxLOG.txt. Outgoing log activity is recorded in
    OutboxLOG.txt. They are located
    in the %alluserprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows
    NT\MSFax\ActivityLog folder, and the location can be modified. You can
    enable activity logging in
    Server Management: right-click Fax (Local) and select Properties, click
    the Activity Logging tab, and select the appropriate check boxes.

    Note: Please delete previous generated logs files in the 'ActivityLog'
    folder, reproduce the problem to let the new log generated. Send us the
    new log.

    II. T30 Log

    1.Run regedit.exe.
    2. Navigate to this key:
    3. Create new or modify values as follows:

     value name: DeBugLevelEx
     value type: REG_DWORD
     value: 0xffffffff

     value name: DebugContextEx
     value type: REG_DWORD
     value: 0xffffffff

     value name: DeBugFormatEx
     value type: REG_DWORD
     value: 0xbbffffff

    4. Restart the Fax service with the services applet.

    All fax jobs are logged to a file located in C:\Documents and
    Settings\NetworkService\Local Settings\temp . The file is named to
    T30DebugLogFile.txt. The log
    size is limited to 100 MB. Once the T30DebugLogFile.txt file reaches 100
    MB, it is renamed to T30DebugLogFileOld.txt (overwriting any previous
    T30DebugLogFileOld.txt file) and a new T30DebugLogFile.txt file is


    Best Regards,
    Wallace Fu, MCSE NT4/2K
    Microsoft Partner Support Professional
    Get Secure! -


    Henry Craven {SBS-MVP}
        Melbourne Australia
    "Dead_One" <> wrote in message
    > Hi,
    > A customer is having problems with the fax service on 2k3. Every so
    > the service seems to stop working. It will be fine for 20-30 faxes,
    then one
    > arrives which the server doesn't seem to receive, and it causes the
    > not to pick up any more, until we restart the service, and also
    > have to restart the fax modem. We have tried several makes of modem,
    > also internal, external, hardware, software, and all do the same,
    leading me
    > to believe it is a problem with the software.
    > In desperation we even tried linking the fax modem to a workstation,
    > using the inbuilt software on there, with a nicely bodged script
    > sharepoint to spread the faxes out, but this does the same thing.
    > There seem to be several senders whose faxes cause problems. Does
    > have a solution we can look into, either different software, different
    > hardware, or anything, we are getting desperate.....
    > The main problem is the customer is unwilling to spend a lot of money
    on the
    > solution, as they see it as something sbs should cope with.
    > They are only a small company, so it isnt like there are hundreds of
    > whizzing about each day..
    > Thanks in advance.
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