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From: Anver (
Date: 07/31/04

Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2021 23:57:43 -0700

Dear all,
The user and computer created in the Active Directory,
the same user account also created in the local computer
and add to local admin group aswell.
My main issue is that, I need to open several blocked
attachments in oulook. So there is a program
called "Attachment Option", which will be installed as an
addin to the Outlook. This program will install per user
base only (I mean If I install this under admin account,
the addin comes under admin account only - it will not
appear under other user account who is going to log from
that pc). So a user need to open the attachment,then I
need to install this under that user(should login with the
user whom you want to install).
while installation progress - I am getting the previously
described errors.
How can I do this. I manually checked this - like to
create a folder under program group and winnt, which is
not allowing under a user. so this program should add a
folder and add some values in the registry as well.

pls some can help.

>-----Original Message-----
>To add to Eriks' reply - I don't generally recommend that
you let users
>install any software or put their domain accounts in
local admin groups. I'd
>log in as domain admin & install it myself. How often do
you really need to
>install software, anyway?
>Also - you keep starting new threads on this topic.
Please keep replies in
>the original thread unless you're asking something
completely unrelated to
>your original question.
>Anver wrote:
>> Dear Marina,
>> How can I create a folder under c:\winnt or c:\programs
>> files, on a user pc being logged as a domain member.
>> I mean, I have created a user in local computer and add
>> local admin as well. Now I like to install program by
>> user being logged to the domain. The specific program
>> installation prompts me that "there is no sufficient
>> privilege" to add the program in c:\program
files ......."
>> How can I do this?
>> pls help

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