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I made a small program to update frontend like this, you can try it here:

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I have an Access ADP and there are about 10 users that use the program. Currently, I am managing the program by having the ADP's for each user located on the server and their desktops have a shortcut to their respective ADPs. However, I know this creates additional network traffic and slows down the performance of the program because it is running across the network.

What I should do is have the ADP and an executable on their respective desktops. They run the ADP from the executable, but it first checks to see if the ADP version on their desktop is the same version as the master on the server. If it is NOT, then it copies the newer ADP from the server to their local computer and then runs the program.

The problem is that I do not know how to write/create this code. I remember seeing it on the web a long time ago. Does anyone have a copy of simple code that does this and instructions on how to set this up?



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