Re: How to get matching values with combo box and dropdown property?

From: Wayne Morgan (
Date: 07/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 08:06:35 -0500

This might be easier to do with a textbox and a listbox. Set the Row Source
for the listbox in the textbox's Change event. Changing the Row Source for
automatically requery the listbox.

Private Sub Text0_Change()
Me.List2.RowSource = "SELECT Test1 FROM Table1 WHERE Test1 Like ""*" &
Me.Text0.Text & "*"";"
End Sub

Wayne Morgan
MS Access MVP
"Jack Darsa" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> Previous i asked the same question but now i can explain it better. I need
> exactly the same functionalty if a combox with dropdown property enabled.
> The extra feature i need is: To not limit the selection to the first
> character only from the list ,but to be able select the values from the
> middle (any location) of the string .I have seen examples of that
> functionality. I think it maybe a commercial activex control ,but i did
> find any.
> Here is also an example of what i need.
> The combo box is populated with the following values.
> 12345
> 23451
> 34512
> 45123
> user types  (one by one )        the combobox shows   the dropdown list
> shows
>      1                                            1
> 12345,23451,34512,45123
>      2                                            12
> 12345,34512,45123
>      3                                            123
> 12345,45123
> At that step the user can select anything from list either by completing
> according to the values or by using the mouse. The reason i need it to
> filter a geographic data base where the address field includes the full
> address (street,drive,west,east,house number etc..). So when types just
> "east" he will get all the addresses containing the word "east" at the
> down list.
> BTW if anybody knows any commercial addin that does the job without
> programming i would like to know about it.
> Thank you