Re: How to get matching values with combo box and dropdown property?

From: Jeff Boyce (
Date: 07/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 05:24:39 -0700


It sounds like you've already limited the solution to a combobox with a
special dropdown property. If you aren't "welded" to that, there may be
other solutions.

For example, if you created a text box for the "search string", and used the
OnKeyPress event to 'read' what had been entered, you could also use that
event to dynamically run a SQL statement (i.e., a query) that searches for
the target string using the "Like" operator and the "*" wildcard. In fact,
you wouldn't even have to write SQL, as you could do this in a query.

You could then use the results of the query to load a listbox with the
"found" records, and select from that listbox to go to the one you want.

Good luck
Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>