How to get matching values with combo box and dropdown property?

From: Jack Darsa (
Date: 07/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 15:10:02 +0300

Previous i asked the same question but now i can explain it better. I need
exactly the same functionalty if a combox with dropdown property enabled.
The extra feature i need is: To not limit the selection to the first
character only from the list ,but to be able select the values from the
middle (any location) of the string .I have seen examples of that
functionality. I think it maybe a commercial activex control ,but i did not
find any.
Here is also an example of what i need.
The combo box is populated with the following values.

user types (one by one ) the combobox shows the dropdown list
     1 1
     2 12
     3 123

At that step the user can select anything from list either by completing
according to the values or by using the mouse. The reason i need it to
filter a geographic data base where the address field includes the full
address (street,drive,west,east,house number etc..). So when types just
"east" he will get all the addresses containing the word "east" at the drop
down list.
BTW if anybody knows any commercial addin that does the job without
programming i would like to know about it.
Thank you