Re: Access 2000 Runtime Install-on-Demand

From: Chris Mills (
Date: 07/28/04

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 21:18:00 +1200

> Have I
> understood you? If there is anything I misunderstood, please feel free to
> let me know.
Yes you have misunderstood, Mingqing Cheng

The PDW doesn't work adequately nor even properly. There are many posts if you
woulkd just BOTHER to take a look. That's why people have to use other
programs than PDW.

> Based on my scope, this is a feature for Access.

Feature. Right.

> When a new Windows UserID
> is attempting access your program. Access is configurating for this new
> UserID, each new UsedID will be required this kind of configuration so that
> I am afraid you are not able to eliminate this.

I expect non-english from world-wide users, but not from Microsoft PSS.

Alternatively, We KNOW this is a bug in Microsoft PDW. All you are really
saying is that it's known to be a bug, at Microsoft, and tough titties.

> Thank you

> If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to let me know.

READ THE F.THING MINGQING (or related posts). Stop treating users in these
newsgroups as complete idiots. You do Microsoft a dis-favour by your very
action of attendance.