Re: How to get matching values with list box and dropdown property?

From: Jeff Boyce (
Date: 07/25/04

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 06:31:16 -0700


Asking a fairly specific question by shotgunning a large number of
newsgroups is considered impolite -- you've asked a lot of people to work on
the same problem, and you've used more server resources. In the future, if
you aren't certain which group to ask in, try one -- the folks who respond
will advise you if you've picked incorrectly.

In Access, listboxes don't have "dropdown" properties. Combo boxes do.

Also, listboxes (and combo boxes) don't "hold" data, they merely display
what your underlying tables hold, perhaps filtered through a query.

If you are trying to find the rows that match a search string (your example,
"bcd"), use a query and the "Like" operator, with wildcards. Check Access
HELP for more information on "Like" and "wildcard".

Good luck
Jeff Boyce
<Access MVP>