Re: Access 2002 command line options.

From: david epsom dot com dot au (david_at_epsomdotcomdotau)
Date: 07/21/04

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2021 08:40:04 +1000

97 was the odd one out: Access 2.0 could be run with /Runtime.
(According to documentation at the time, Access 2.0 hid the
database window by making it the same color as background :~)


"Chris Mills" <> wrote in message
> > My understanding is that for /runtime to work you had to have either the
> > installed or an actual Runtime app. Otherwise you are missing a
> dll.
> In A97 you needed mso97rt.dll rather than mso97.dll in order to use
> How you get hold of that file, of course usually requires the ODE.
> (I can't confirm David's experience, I had the ODE to generate the
> :-) )
> I recall Michael Kaplan had something to say about that as he worked for
> Microsoft at the time (he didn't like separate files). Subsequently, in
A2k or
> greater, runtime is merely built-in and does not use different files (I
> believe!). Therefore, anyone can now use /runtime to test an app for
> compatibilty, which is about it's only use. To actually distribute
> Access, of course requires the ODE.
> (In fact, I always have /runtime on the command line of distributed apps.
> reason is, not really security, but I have no control over whether they
> already have full Access or not, so I force runtime mode to ensure
> running. In A97 I don't recall any problems, maybe my ODE97 install stuck
> mso97rt.dll on their PC anyway, or whatever else was required)
> Chris