Re: Access 2002 command line options.

From: Van T. Dinh (
Date: 07/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 20:37:27 +1000


I see this message twice, one in each sub-thread.

I agree that there are errors in Access Help. I once spent more than 3 days
trying to use PrtMip in Access97. The Help topic was incorrect in A97 (and
I think it was incorrect in A2K0 Help also). After I worked it out
correctly, I found that there was an MSKB article showing the correct Help.

Van T. Dinh
MVP (Access)
"Chris Mills" <> wrote in message
> This message initially came up "message no longer available on the
server". I
> don't know why, as it's polite enough, and pertinent.
> ------
> I see A97 Help says /convert converts to an A95 database (shudder), but we
> forgive that as merely an oversight because no-one at MS actually
> it. In spite of millions of world-wide sales (for my own software, I'm
> to make hundreds and even then I'm obliged to correct glaring errors for
> not buy an upgrade)
> Are you still with us, Van?