Re: Access 2002 command line options.

From: Tony Toews (
Date: 07/19/04

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 16:25:08 -0600 (Honestgoofy) wrote:

>ERxactly, here is what my command looks like:
>"C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\pn.exe" /APP "Microsoft Access
>2002" "N:\Finance\test.mdb" /excl

Of the above only /excl is a command line option for Access. The /APP
belongs to Citrix.

>With Access 2000 I used to use the /param command line switch.

To add to Doug's reply. the /param switch is almost from Citrix and
is likely the same for A2002. That command line parameter does not
exist in Access.


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