RE: help with calculations

From: AlanInBradford (
Date: 07/19/04

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 06:03:01 -0700

I don't know why you are importing a spreadsheet to create the table, but
you can update the stock field by createing a query as below which updates the stock qty field in the Products table
to be = to (stock + unitsIn) - unitsOut.

UPDATE Products SET Products.stock = ([Products]![stock]+[Products]![unitsIn])-[Products]![unitsOut];

"SilasTheSailor" wrote:

> Hi everyone, if this is not an appropriaye newsgroup for my question
> please ignore it. I have posted it to where I thought it would be but I
> got no answers :-(
> Trying to keep track of my items in stock (boat accessories about
> 10000items)
> Ihave.
> Products table (prodID, description, category, stock,unitsIn,unitsOut)
> An Excel sheet imports the table and calculates
> netathand=stock+itemsIn-itemsOut.
> I'd like to get these calculated values and put them back to the
> Access's products table replacing the values for stock with the
> calculated ones, so next time it is run it would import the new values
> for stock so I always hane the items at hand. How could it be done? Am I
> going from Boston To NY via Denver? Is there a better way?
> ( I am clueless with scripts or coding)
> Thanks for any help in advance
> Silas The Sailor