help with calculations

From: SilasTheSailor (
Date: 07/17/04

Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 20:38:10 +0300

Hi everyone, if this is not an appropriaye newsgroup for my question
please ignore it. I have posted it to where I thought it would be but I
got no answers :-(

Trying to keep track of my items in stock (boat accessories about


Products table (prodID, description, category, stock,unitsIn,unitsOut)

An Excel sheet imports the table and calculates


I'd like to get these calculated values and put them back to the
Access's products table replacing the values for stock with the
calculated ones, so next time it is run it would import the new values
for stock so I always hane the items at hand. How could it be done? Am I
going from Boston To NY via Denver? Is there a better way?
( I am clueless with scripts or coding)
Thanks for any help in advance
Silas The Sailor