RE: Multiple Table's Fields displayed in one form

From: AlanInBradford (
Date: 07/15/04

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 03:12:03 -0700

Yes, but you will have to create a query that includes all the relevant table and their relationships. In the query output include all the fields you want to display on your form. Then use the query name as the data source for your fom.

"Cherri" wrote:

> Access 2002
> Can I include the fields from multiple tables in a data
> base in one form? All the tables are related by a common
> ID field. I think I have a 1:1 relationship between them.
> I can make a form, add all of the fields, but then I
> can't search for records nor can I edit them. I've found
> a number of things that allude to this problem on various
> websites, but none of them actually seem to be my
> problem. Any suggestions.