Re: Access Menu Bar 'Window' option

From: david epsom dot com dot au (david_at_epsomdotcomdotau)
Date: 07/13/04

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 16:40:07 +1000

These are a bunch of hidden, invisible place holders, that are updated by
Access when you open or close a window.

So your two options are (a) add a reference to the original menu item, or
(b) create your own place holders, and update them your self. The problem
with (a) is that any change you make affects the menu item, and the problem
with (b) is that any change Access makes does NOT affect the menu item. I
don't think there is any solution: If you want the menu items to be the ones
updated by Access, then they have to be the menu items updated by Access.


"Berny" <BlancoB at MSN dot Com> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how to add the feature under the 'Window' menu option
> lists the currently open documents?
> I can't seem to find it under the Menu Customize...
> The problem I'm having is that when I add it from the Built-in Menus (Menu
> Customize) or if I copy it, any changes I make to the New or Copied 'Menu
> Option' also changes the original 'Menu Option'
> Any help would be greatly appreciated