Re: Help needed w/Runtime, XP, and "Can't be started." error

From: Tony Toews (
Date: 07/13/04

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 20:23:23 -0600 (John Moore) wrote:

>It turns out to be an XP permissions and/or policy problem, not a
>SageKey issue. We solved it temporaily by giving the user full Admin
>rights. We are going to change various user permissions and/or
>policies until we find out which are causing the problem.
>I will post the results back to the newsgroups.
>By the way, the PCs are configured the same as far as the processor,
>RAM, BIOS, and every other thing we could think of to check. In
>addition, both were ordered from Dell to the same specs and were
>delivered together. I have been around long enough to know you are
>right the nothing is "exactly" the same but we did not know what else
>to checked.

But this isn't a hardware problem. It's an OS or permissions problem
of some sort.


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