Re: Help needed w/Runtime, XP, and "Can't be started." error

From: Chris Mills (
Date: 07/09/04

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 20:33:08 +1200

> I still do not have an answer to this problem even though you did
> suggested that I contact SageKey in your
> response. Unfortunately, I had done that prior to my original post
> without any luck.
What no luck? Did Barry not respond? Not know? What PRECISELY was the

I don't believe sagekey would respond negatively unless it was not their
problem. At the same time, since your original post referred to a sagekey
install, no-one else is likely to know better (eg neither I nor Tony use
sagekey, even though we know it's one of the best)

>"Can't be started was unable to initialize the Windows Registry rerun
>Microsoft Access or Microsoft Office setup to reinstall"

>The problem is that the same identical installation CD will work on
>one PC in the same office and not another.

So? It's well known that PC's can just stuff-up. You didn't say what the
results of the advice were. It takes a brave man(PC correct:object) to say
"they are configured EXACTLY the same".

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