Re: Help needed w/Runtime, XP, and "Can't be started…" error

From: John Moore (
Date: 07/07/04

Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2021 19:04:34 GMT

Thanks for the response. For whatever reason, the cross-posting does
not seem to work with the software I am using. I do try to only post
to a few groups and only when I am desperate (like in this case).

I still do not have an answer to this problem even though you did
suggested that I contact SageKey in your
response. Unfortunately, I had done that prior to my original post
without any luck.

Tony Toews <> wrote:

> (John Moore) wrote:
>>We distribute a commercial product as an Acc97 runtime using the Wise
>>Installation system and Sagekey scripts.
>Responded to in I think. Please crosspost to
>a few appropriate newsgroups in the newsgroups line of your newsgroup
>software (separated by commas) rather than multiposting individual
>postings to multiple newsgroups. Assuming you even need to post to
>more than one newsgroup in the first place.
>We ask this is because different people can respond to your postings
>in different newsgroups duplicating effort on our part.