Re: Access 2003 Developer Extensions: Copy ACCESSRT.MSI failing

From: John Qllg=E5rd?= Jensen (
Date: 07/05/04

Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2021 11:53:52 +0200

Bad luck buying Access Dev. Extension!

Any suggestions for a usable 3rd party product for creating a front end installation package?

If so:
Are there any documentation describing which files to be packed (dll's, *.adp etc) and where they are to be installed on destination PC?

The front end application is based on Access 2003 project files etc (i.e. not the *.mdb database file) - (backend database is to be the MS SQL 2000 Server).

best regards John

Chris Mills wrote:

>It's official that Microsoft does not support their Package & Deployment
>"it was decided that the PDW was not going to be
>a huge investment area, and recognizing that there was a reasonable
>alternative for packaging and deployment in 3rd party form"
>-Adam Ulrich, Test Manager, Microsoft, 2004
>"John Øllgård Jensen" <> wrote in message
>>Running the Package Wizard for creating a runtime-package is failing
>>when reaching step 5 of 7 (Installer Experience):
>>Install Language is set = English.
>>Selected SETUP.EXE = SETUPPRO.EXE (located on network server).
>>When pressing the 'CACHE' button the wizard is reporting, that the
>>ACCESSRT.MSI could not be copied to the destination
>>(C:\Documents and settings\joj\Application
>>Verify that the source file exist, that you have write permissions on
>>the destination folder, and that the destination file is not open.
>>Inspecting the destination folder shows, that the ACCESSRT.MSI is
>>existing there after running the steps so far, so my conclusion is:
>>1) The source file has been existing
>>2) I have write permission on the destination folder
>>3) So how can the the destination file be open???? Only the wizard
>>itself might keep this file open!
>>Any suggestions?
>>Thank you,