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From: Tony Toews (
Date: 05/26/04

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    Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 22:56:31 GMT

    Bob <> wrote:

    >What I am looking for is a book that addresses the different angles
    >and ways of doing the following:

    I'm only going to answer some specific questions.

    >2. making a free distribution runtime that will cease to be usable
    > after 30/60 days.

    Tools available from sites such as can crack any method you use to
    store a future date anywhere on a system such as in the registry or a file. Unless
    it's encrypted. But even then if you delete the date from wherever it's stored your
    app may think it's just installed.

    Thus I prefer to limit the number of records in one key table such as 5 units or 50
    volunteers but allow unlimited access for everything else. Once I get paid then I
    email them an encrypted file containing the number of records they are licensed for
    as well as their company name which goes on the bottom of every page of every report.

    For more of my thoughts on this topic see the "Copy protection or how to safely
    distribute a demo Microsoft Access Application" page at

    >3. How to make it hacker proof.

    Can't be done. You can make things inconvenient but never hacker proof.

    >7. Help systems.

    See my Microsoft Access Help System Tips page at for an overview of the process.

    Also see David Liske's Access HTML help page at


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