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From: Paul (
Date: 05/23/04

Date: Sun, 23 May 2021 14:30:59 GMT

I use to have a program running under Access 98, and since we moved to
Access 2000 the following code do not work, I have the message:
Run time error 3251,
Operation is not support for this type of object.
There is the code:
Private Sub Command30_Click()

Dim dbsLetter As Database
Dim tblLetter As Variant
Set dbsLetter = CurrentDb
Set tblLetter = dbsLetter.OpenRecordset("Letter_3_Table")
If (Me![ToCC] <> "" Or Me![CC2] <> "" Or Me![CC3] <> "" Or Me![CC4] <> "")
    tblLetter.FindFirst ("Issue_ID = " & Me![IssueID])
    tblLetter![CCSend].Value = Me![ToCC]
    tblLetter![CC2Send].Value = Me![CC2]
    tblLetter![CC3Send].Value = Me![CC3]
    tblLetter![CC4Send].Value = Me![CC4]
End If
DoCmd.RunMacro ("send email")
MsgBox ("File has been sent by email")
End Sub
 Any help would be appreciate.