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From: Tony Toews (
Date: 05/19/04

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    >We are creating a front end application for an Oracle database using Access.
    >We have worked out how to build this in the full version of Access and I
    >want to be able to convert this application into a run time version.
    >Is this possible?

    Should be. There is nothing unique about using Oracle and Access when
    it comes to the full version and the runtime that I can think off.
    You can test this yourself by setting the /runtime switch.

    See Microsoft Access (Office) Developer Edition FAQ for more
    information on this switch.

    You may also want to use a DSN less connection so as to remove one
    variable from your install.

    I much prefer DSN-Less connections as it is one less thing for someone
    to have to configure and one less thing for the users to screw up.

    Using DSN-Less Connections
    ODBC DSN-Less Connection Tutorial Part I
    HOWTO: Use "DSN-Less" ODBC Connections with RDO and DAO
    ODBC DSN Less


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