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From: Andy (
Date: 05/14/04

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    Date: Thu, 13 May 2021 23:03:14 -0400

    Found this at Access support center:
    258644 ACC97: A Linked JPEG File Is Displayed as an Icon on a Form.
    W/this resolution:
    Open the Employees table in Data*** view.
    Right-click the OLE Object field, and then click Insert Object.
    In the Insert Object box, click Create New.
    Under Object Type, click Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Photo, and then click
    OK. Microsoft Photo Editor opens.
    In Photo Editor, in the New dialog box, click Open an Existing Picture, and
    then browse to the JPEG file that you want to insert.
    Click the JPEG file. The picture opens in Photo Editor.
    On the File menu, click Exit and Return to tablename : Table.

    Although it states that it is for ACC97 it also works for ACC2K. It isn't
    the final answer because I had to re-insert all of the photos, but it's a

    Below is a post I sent.

    > Hi;
    > Have a form that has an Ole bound object control.
    > Up until a few weeks ago it displayed the photo, now it only shows the
    > of the file.
    > Matched the properties of my form to the properties on NWind.mdb sample
    > Microsoft and still no go.
    > Searched the newsgroup and other people have had this occur for them. The
    > answers were statements: "Don't insert the picture, Link it." "Why would
    > you want to do that?"
    > The question still remains: Why has the picture stopped displaying?
    > Anyone have any ideas?
    > Andy

    "Alex Dybenko" <> wrote in message
    > look at
    > --
    > Alex Dybenko (MVP)
    > "Txsg8r" <> wrote in message
    > news:w_coc.83784$
    > > I currently have a table (tblPics) that has a field called Picture that
    > has
    > > a datatype of OLE. When I try to insert a jpeg, it only shows the icon
    > for
    > > the jpeg, not the picture. I want the picture to appear on a report.
    > > there a good way to do this or do I have to put each pic on a Word doc
    > > Excel xls or Powerpoint ppt?
    > > Thanks in advance?
    > >
    > > Tim
    > >
    > >

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