Re: SQL or Access ?

From: Ibrahim Rahmany (
Date: 05/09/04

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    I am developer since 1997, I have much of experience in developing in Access,
    vb, and now Although your application will have less data tables and
    less amount of data, but point is that you will have multiusers accessing the
    application. You should use SQLserver for your backend database in order to have
    a Client/Server Architecture and you can you Access Project as the front end.

    I hope your getting the point,,, i can provide you with more help & samples on
    the same, if required.


    Ibrahim Rahmany
    Database Specialist
    AIMS Afghanistan

    Leslie Isaacs wrote:

    > Hello All
    > I am going to be developing an application for use in GP Practices, and need
    > to gain a better understanding of the reletaive merits os Access and
    > SQLserver. I have perused various websites and other references on the
    > subject, but thought it would be woth trying to gain the benefit of the
    > advice of some of you developers.
    > As far as I can tell, the most significant difference between access and
    > sqlserver is the 'scalability'. Does this simply mean the amount of data
    > that the application can handle easily? My application will only have the
    > equavalent of 4 or 5 tables with more than a few hundred records - and even
    > those 4 or 5 'large' tables will only ever have a maximum of around 5,000 to
    > 10,000 records. The rest of the tables will only ever have a maximum of a
    > few hundred records.
    > Another issue is the 'multi-user' use. My application will be subject to a
    > maximum of about 50 simultaneous users - although most of the time it will
    > be about 5.
    > Am I right in thinking that these two issues are the most significant in
    > making the choice between access and sql? Obviously there is also a cost
    > issue, but as my client market is GP Practices, for whom the NHS has an
    > Entreprise Agreement with Microsoft which covers SQLserver CAL, this should
    > not be significant.
    > The application generally will be pretty complex, with a lot of seperate but
    > integrated functions (e.g. scheduler, payroll, accounts, contacts, events,
    > personnel and others) and a lot of editable template documuments.
    > I would be very grateful for any advice, suggestions or further references
    > that would point me in the right direction.
    > Thanks in advance.
    > Leslie Isaacs.

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