Photo Question

From: Steve Freeman - SuperRealtor (Steve_at_CountyRealty.Com)
Date: 02/24/04

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2022 10:51:37 -0600

I have a feeling this is a "box of hammers" question, but here goes. I
am not a programmer by any stretch, so please bear with me.

Access 2000 on WinME.

I need to develop a form that will show record data as well as a picture
specific to that record. I have hundreds of records and hundreds of
files. I would like a form that will show the picture but not store it.
  I need the form to have the "smarts" to look to the directory where
the picture is stored, and then display the picture that corresponds
with the record.

The picture files are JPG files. All pictures are stored at C:\pictures\
with filenames = code numbers.

Each record has a code number and each picture's filename (code number)
is the same as the record number. This way I know the right pic goes
with the right record.

I've created a blank form and named it "form 1" then went to Form
Properties > ALL > On Current

and I think I am so close!

I see Expression Builder, Macro Builder and Code Builder as my 3
options. (not counting leaving it blank)

I've explored each "builder" and instinct tells me that "code builder"
is where I need to be; using Microsoft Visual Basic.

Code pops up at this juncture:

Private Sub Form_Current()

End Sub

I am clueless from here. Any suggestion is welcome - even if it is to
tell me to post this message to a better newsgroup.

Thanks for everything!