Interesting Printing Issue

Access 2003 - IE7

Hello everyone. Having a rather interesting issue with one of my DAP
I have a DAP with 40 fields on it. When viewing it in IE, it looks and
works just fine. BUT if I want to print the form, only the header
prints. By the length of the fields, I figure that it should probably
be around 2-3 pages long. If I change the scaling down to 70% it will
print, but only because it now fits on one page (with a way small font
/ unreadable). I have a couple other forms that are doing the same
thing & found out that if I can get it to fit on one page, it seems to
work fine. The issue is that on this specific form, I can't cram it all
on one page :(
I've tried adding page breaks into the code (both hardcoded within the
page and the CSS), but all that does is print the first page, and the
others are blank *weird*.
Anyone have any other thoughts on how to get around this? I'm half
tempted to re-write the app and dump the db into SQL. I'd just rather
not 'waste' the time I've spent in Access...