Re: 64-bit Version of Microsoft Access?

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Thanks Sylvain.

Brendan Reynolds
Access MVP

"Sylvain Lafontaine" <sylvain aei ca (fill the blanks, no spam please)>
wrote in message news:OCU3TDpAHHA.4292@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To my understanding, Access and JET run on the 32 bit emulation mode of
Windoes 64; also called WOW64 (Window 32 bit on Windows 64 bit). There is
no real implication for Access or JET other that they cannot call 64 ODBC
drivers or use 64 bit services of Windows.

The real problem is the absence of a 64 bit JET ODBC driver: services (and
programs?) running in 64 bits mode cannot call a JET driver or access a
mdb file. For exemple, the web service (IIS) of Windows can run in either
32 or 64 bits mode (but not both at the same time). If it runs in 64 bit
mode, IIS cannot access (or open) a mdb file because there is no 64 bit
ODBC driver for JET. I'm not sure but I would think that the same thing
would apply to any program running on Win64: if it must use a mdb file
then it must be installed or run in the 32 bit compatibility mode. This
limitation make it not very useful in this case to have a 64 bit system if
you want to use a mdb file other than for Access.

WinXP 64 bit is actually some sort of an anomaly because it's only sold in
the OEM version and it shows a lot (a big lot) of incompatibility
problems. Many of these incompatibility problems are also found on the
Win2003 64 bit Server so you must really know what you are doing before
buying one of these systems.

However, it is expected that next year a high percentage of Vista will be
sold as the 64 bit version, many of them with 8Gigs or more of memory.
The absence of any offering from Microsoft for a JET ODBC 64 driver will
then look, at best, as something very strange.

Sylvain Lafontaine, ing.
MVP - Technologies Virtual-PC
E-mail: sylvain aei ca (fill the blanks, no spam please)

"Brendan Reynolds" <brenreyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

As of Access 2007, Access now has its own data engine. It is based on
JET, but it is owned and supported and will continue to be developed by
the Access team, so Access is no longer dependent on JET.

There has, as far as I am aware, been no announcement about any future
64-bit version of Access or of the new data engine. Given that Access
2007 has only just been released to manufacturing, that's hardly
surprising. It's just too soon to expect to hear any news about future
versions yet.

My understanding is that JET runs on 64-bit versions of Windows, just not
in native 64-bit mode. Exactly what the implications of that might be I
don't know - has anyone tried it?

Brendan Reynolds
Access MVP

"JohnJohn" <JohnJohn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places, but I haven't been
to determine if MS Access will even be available in a 64-bit version.
Microsoft's "Data Access Technologies Road Map", it says that Jet will
no-longer be supported (they said it's a "deprecated component"). And
if I
understand Access correctly, Jet is its heart and soul. So does anyone
if there will be a 64-bit version of Access, and if so, is there any
kind of
migration road map?

I may be slightly ignorant on this, so any help you can give me will be
appreciated. :)



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