dropdown popup filter?


Working on a page that currently displays all the data for 5 different

Looks currently like this

Month: December 05
Date: xx/xx/05
Team: xx
Employee Name: Fred

Team: XYZ
Employee Name: Susie

Date: xx/xx/05

This gets to be a fairly large page, and would like to have it broken
down more based on user input. Since they most likley don't care about
the other teams.

I would like to know if it's possible to make the DAP prompt the user
with a dropdown window with the team names (I have already have a table
with each team name). Then once the user selects the team from the
window. It then loads the page, with only data per that team.

So something like

Month: December 05 Team Name:xx
Date: xx/xx/05
Employee Name:
Date: xx/xx/05
Billy Bob

I would like it to be a popup window that forces them to make a
selection. I've seen the examples of the dropdown list on a page, but
I'm afraid my users won't understand what to do.

Is something like this possible?