Re: Another question, creating a custom submit/thank you button

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: Hi,
: I've been search this group, and haven't really found the answer.
: I have a DAP based off a simple table, when the users visit the site,
: they can fill in 3 text boxes. I would then like to have a custom
: 'submit' button that enters the data into the table. (I would like a
: custom button because the default nav bar, really doesn't make it clear
: for the users they need to press them to save the record).
: Then after they hit submit, I would like it to display a message that
: informs them that the record has been saved. Maybe also give them tbe
: record number from the table, incase they need to refer it later.
: Is this possible? I've seen some examples searching here, but can't
: seem to get it to work.
: So I thought I would ask, and hopefully I can get it to work.
: Thanks

Should be relatively easy. Create a button and call it btnSubmit then add
the following

<SCRIPT language=vbscript event=onclick for=btnSubmit>
msgbox "Record Saved"

Paul D