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Do your databases exist independently of each other? Do the schools have a
LAN or a WAN connecting them?

You might want to take a look at the newsgroup dedicated to replication.

If your schools co-exist on a LAN, you could split the database (front-end,
with screens, queries, etc.; back-end with tables-only) and put a copy of
the front-end at each school and a single back-end somewhere on the LAN.


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<anthony.montalvo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
i am fairly new to access 2003, i have created several database, very
basic ones, and i am trying to learn how i can enter information in
one data base and have it distributed into the rest of them. i manage
4 buildings for a school, ihave one database for each building and i
have to enter what rooms i put students in, ihave another database for
new arrivals, once there entered in new arrival data base, i then have
to enter them in to the proper building, i have one for students
checking out, once enterd in the checkout database i have to go into
that buildings database and remove them. this is time consuming, i
know that there is a way to make one entry and have it go to the other
databases or remove one and have it removed from the others.
I'd like to thank you inadvance for all any help


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