Re: Convert Peachtree Classic Accounting Ver. 13 files to Access

If PeachTree uses the C-Tree Database Engine, there is an ODBC driver that
you can use to access data from your PeachTree Accounting System.

With the ODBC driver, you can simply link the C-Tree Tables to your Access
Database and then use Make-Table Query or Append Query to transfer the data
to your Access Database.

You probably need to go through PeachTree to get the ODBC driver (at a cost,
I guess) since you need the schema file from PeachTree.

Van T. Dinh
MVP (Access)

"Sam" <Sam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Does anyone know how I can convert Peachtree files to MS Access? Peachtree
> Classic Accounting Ver. 13 is a DOS application that has a Windows XP
> interface. I do know for sure but I heard the Peachtree database files use
> a
> processor called "C-Tree".
> I am writing a VB 6 application and need data that was placed in Peachtree
> files.
> --
> Thank You,
> Sam


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