Access 2002 compatibility

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From: Loc Paris (
Date: 02/19/04

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2022 07:04:22 -0800

Yes, it's fully compatible.
They may just have to convert the database in 2002 format
but it's very easy through the Access tool : convert a
datebase which convert a database in the new version.

Nevertheless I have a problem to open a database in Access
2002 format with an Access 2000 software (see the
following questions)
>-----Original Message-----
>Quick question,
>We have recently stopped producing some databases in
>Access 97 and now produce them in Access 2000.
>Having done this we've found out that only Access 2002 is
>available for the people who need this info, is the
>2000 mdb file fully compatible with Access 2002?

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