Re: Access SQL 32Bit with Win7 64

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wow.. do you trust someone that doesn't know the slightest thing about

I just don't trust Access newbies for a question like this. I would
go and ask someone in a SQL Server newsgroup.

I don't know what I'd do in your situation.. I've been -very- pro X64
for a long long long time.

I'd probably tell your vendor to explain more about the problem... it
seems like a very crappy answer.
Is the real problem that you're now using SQL 2005 / SQL 2008 instead
of SQL 2000 MSDE?


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We have a local SQL database than we can query from Access 2003,
however a newly acquired computer With Windows and Office 2010, we
can't access it anymore.

The software company that created this software (non access), says
it's because Access is accessing through SQL with a 64bit driver.

Is there some way we could "force" access to run in 32bit mode.

Did you install Office 2010 64-bit? If so, uninstall it and install
the 32-bit version, which is what MS recommends in the first place.

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