Re: Converting Application from ADP to ACCDB

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It would be nice if someone had answers to some basic questions about
SQL Server with .accdb/.mdb like:
- How do you easily get server-side processed data sets into controls like
listboxes & comboboxes.
- How do you easily get updatable, dynamic, scrollable server-side
data sets into forms & subforms.

Hum, this doesn't look exactly like what you've said in a previous message:

« A group of developers I'm working with just had a good, in depth
discussion on
wether to use a .adp or a .accdb for SQL Server development. ...

We decided to go with the .accdb after one member showed us how to create
open an ADODB recordset (dynamic and updatable) in a .accdb file and set the
form's recordset property to the ADODB recordset. IT WORKED! Together with
either native or ActiveX listboxes/listviews/comboboxes, we were able to
accomplish our requirements. Looks and works like a regular .accdb file to
the user - but we have both server-side processing AND local tables!! Wooo
Whooo! »

What's the problem with this solution? It looks fine to me.

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