Re: Converting Application from ADP to ACCDB

Know of any good reference material I can lay my hands on that covers these
little goodies? Every book I look at in the book store starts out:

"This is a table... it holds data... This is a form... you can put controls
on it and bind it to a data source... But don't ask us for much more than the
basics, because we don't cover anything else...."

Magazines are the same way:

"100 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer - (Same 100 ways we told you about last
year about this time)... Next month, the 10 Best Computers We Tested (made
by the companies who paid us the most to mention their junk in this magazine).

You get the picture. Is there an "advanced" book out there somewhere? If
not, I'm going to write one! So, please, everyone send me your tips and
tricks and techniques - or point me to a GOOD source of them - and I'll get
it done!

Sylvain Lafontaine wrote:
Thanks for the light up on the fact that you can bind a form to an ADODB
recordset and still have it updatable. I keep forgetting it every few
months. Did you guy had the time to check the same with subforms and

As for your use of local tables, it's hard to give you any advice or opinion
on that matter without knowing what you want to do with those local tables.
BTW, you can also have local tables with an ADP project, all you have to do
is to have a local ACCDB database file and access it with ADO.

An even better idea would probably be to have a local installation of
SQL-Server Express and use it not only for the storage of local tables but
also as the main portal to the data by implementing a synchronisation
process with it and the central server (or a cloud storage).

A group of developers I'm working with just had a good, indepth discussion
[quoted text clipped - 52 lines]

Any suggestions re whether this can be done, and if so, how?

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