Re: Converting Application from ADP to ACCDB

A group of developers I'm working with just had a good, indepth discussion on
wether to use a .adp or a .accdb for SQL Server development. Our
requirements were:

Server-side processing instead of client side.
Bound, updatable forms.
Would like to have local tables, if possible (VERY usefull).

We decided to go with the .accdb after one member showed us how to create and
open an ADODB recordset (dynamic and updatable) in a .accdb file and set the
form's recordset property to the ADODB recordset. IT WORKED! Together with
either native or ActiveX listboxes/listviews/comboboxes, we were able to
accomplish our requirements. Looks and works like a regular .accdb file to
the user - but we have both server-side processing AND local tables!! Wooo

This has greatly reduced my need and desire to use .adp files when using
Access front-end with SQL Server back-end.

I would like to hear other methods of accomplishing the same goals.

p.s. I see a lot of hullabaloo about specific, nitpicky technologies that
are just 6-of-1 compared to a half-dozen-of-another, without any serious
differences in core issues. Took me awhile to cut thru all the "stuff".

Sylvain Lafontaine wrote:
Using unbound forms is not so bad. Your biggest problem here is not with
the forms but with reports: you cannot have subreport linked to a passtrough
query when using an ACCDB database file. The only way to connect a subreport
to a stored procedure that I know of is with ADP. Of course, you can try to
solve this without using ADP by putting all the data you need in the query
source (the stored procedure) of the main report and adapt the design of
your report or to use temporary tables (either locally or on the server) but
at this point, we are far from the "simplicity" of using an ACCDB database
file against SQL-Server.

As for the future of ADP, I don't think that they are going away per see or
in the near future. I would very surprised if they were to drop the
functionality of ADP without integrating it first into the JET engine/ACCDB
database file format.

Thanks for your response, Sylvain.

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Any suggestions re whether this can be done, and if so, how?


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