Re: Converting Application from ADP to ACCDB

What you are describing is to work the same way as with an ADP project but
with using an ACCDB database file instead of an ADP project. If it was
possible to use an ACCDB database file against an SQL-Server in exactly the
same way as with an ADP project, I don't know what would be the usefulness
of ADP in this (hypothetical) context.

With ADO, you can create an ADO recordset from a SP, disconnect it and then
connect it to a form but I don't remember if this form will be updatable or
if it will be read-only. You can try it, you'll see the answer by yourself.

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"PGallez" <PGallez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Although I'd rather stick with the ADP format when writing applications
use Access as a front-end to SQL Server, just to be safe I'm trying to
out how to talk to SQL Server from an Access 2007 ACCDB file. My question
can all of the following requirements be met simultaneously (especially
bound forms and an updateable recordset)?

1) Access ACCDB talking to SQL Server 2005.
2) Either ADO or DAO, but preferably ADO.
3) Bound forms (but NOT directly to a linked table or view, instead to an
ADO or DAO recordset based on parameterized stored procedures).
4) The recordset is updateable.

I can do all of the above using pass-through queries, except a PTQ isn't
updateable. I'd rather not move to an unbound form model because of the
substantial increase in coding required. Likewise for doing the
in Visual Studio.

Any suggestions re whether this can be done, and if so, how?


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