Please help me format the day of week using Transact-SQL

Hi all.
I have create a form with a chart that pulls data from an aggregated view.
The the values are grouped by day of week. For instance, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 The
problem is that that I need it to only read as mon, tue,wed, thur, fri ,sat,

Is there a way to format the dates like this in a chart form by using
transact - sql?

here is my view:

SELECT Station, COUNT(TxDatetime) AS Total, DAY(TxDatetime) AS Day,
FROM dbo.phmPYXHx
WHERE (TxDatetime >= { fn NOW() } - 8) AND (PaType IN (N'LOADED',
GROUP BY Station, DAY(TxDatetime), PaType

Thanks in advance! Misty

Misty :-)

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