Re: Modifying Sql server data through Access

Simple: add a column with an identity value (or autoincrement field in SQL
parlor) as the primary key to be used with these tables.

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"romiorojo via" <u23440@uwe> wrote in message
I cannot give primary key to some of the tables as some tables are temp
tables and store any kind of dupliate information on any key combinations.
what should be the solution?

Sylvain Lafontaine wrote:
Make sure that you have defined a primary key for each table and Access
shouldn't ask to supply the field for indexing.

Also, this newsgroup is about ADP, not ODBC linked tables.

We are planning to move our database from Access to Sql server.But the
[quoted text clipped - 7 lines]
have any data not corresponding to a key.What is the best solution for

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