I am developing an adp report that loads a different picture for each record.
I am using image object, setting the .picture to the external file path of
jpg file in the group header for each record. Besides the load of each
picture being slow, I also was getting this message during development
(usually when applying/changing the source object on a subreport) "There
isn't enough memory to perform this operation. Close unneeded programs and
try the operation again."
I installed hotfix 827983 (which we had to get sent to us by an MS tech), but
it made the report even slower; in fact, I can only load one record, when I
try to load all the records (~120), it hangs. We tried to system restore to
before the hotfix, but the restore failed. We tried replacing the files the
hotfix says it affected, and we uninstalled and reinstalled officeXP, but I
still have the problem created by the hotfix. We even imported the report
into an adp on other system that did not receive the hotfix but the problem
persisted there as if the hotfix corrupted the report itself. Now that
system is experiencing slowness. I have seen Leban's solution for converting
from jpg to EMFand tried applying that but it did not fix whatever the hotfix

Does anyone have experience with this hotfix?


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