RE: Table Relationship Integrity - Null Values

Hello Alan,

I was not able to reproduce the issue on Access 2003 SP2/WinXP

1. Create tablea/tableb

create table tablea (col1 uniqueidentifier primary key, colb
uniqueidentifier null, a int, b varchar(20))

create table tableb (colb uniqueidentifier primary key default newid())

alter table tablea add constraint fk1 foreign key (colb) references tableb

select * from tablea

insert tablea values (newid(), null, 2,'ddd')

insert tablea values (newid(), newid(), 1, 'ddd') --I received error about
foreign key

sp_help tablea

select * from tablea

2. created a ADP from the existing table, I was able to input new item by
removing the guid created auotmatically in colb when editing tablea.

Best Regards,

Peter Yang
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| We have been building databases for replication and therefore using
| keys of type uniqueidentifier. The GUI is developed in Microsoft Access
| which doesnâ??t seem to allow us to insert NULL values into the foreign
| (of type uniqueidentifier) that reference these primary keys. This means
| our referential integrity is compromised as we are forced to enter a
| value into the foreign key, or else remove the relationship from the SQL
| table.
| How can we assign NULL values to uniqueidentifier fields in Access 2003
| projects? We saw one help that suggested an explicit assignment in the
| BEFOREUPDATE event, but this doesnâ??t appear to be working for us.
| Thanks.
| --
| Regards,
| Alan


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