Upsizing Wizard tries to Convert Memo Field to Date/Time vs nvarchar

I am attempting to upsize an Access 2002 mdb to an adp linked to MSDE 2000.
When I run the upsizing wizard everything seems to work except for one
table that contains a memo field. I dropped the (empty) target table that
resulted from the first attempt and ran export from the file menu to an
ODBC data source that points at the new SQL database. ODBC can connect to
the DSN just fine but I get a data conversion error that says "Error
converting data type varchar to datetime. (#8114). I can't figure out how
to specify nvarchar or varchar as the receiving data type & I don't know
how the system figures out that memo wants to go to datetime vs varchar. I
haven't found this specific error on msdn yet. Is there a simple way to
specify the receiving field in SQL for an export? I'm pretty much a
neophyte so far.

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