Issues on Client PCs

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Date: 05/17/04

Date: Mon, 17 May 2021 08:58:33 -0700

Hey, you know what else you could try? Make sure you have
qualified your stored procedures, with at least the
owner's name. Example:

    lstMyListBox.RowSource = "exec dbo.myProcedure"

Do this for all forms, list boxes and combo boxes whose
record/row source property is set to a stored procedure,
whether at design time or in VBA at runtime.
>-----Original Message-----
>Using Access XP SP3 and SQL Server 2K
>Built an Access adp file, works fine on my development
>machine running Win 98. Placed a copy of the file on
>client machine running Win 2000 Pro and Access XP SP2.
>They are on a slightly older version of ADO, and they're
>MDAC is a step behind mine (but everything worked fine
>me before my development computer was at the version it
>Stored procedures with output parameters that run fine on
>my development machine, when executed through an ADO
>command object's execute method, are causing runtime
>errors stating "The stored procedure sp_Procedure expects
>parameter @theParam and none was supplied." Even if I
>default values to these parameters, it halts.
>I know the adp file is connecting to the SQL Server
>I can see the tables and sprocs, and work with them as
>as the user's permissions will allow.
>I'd like ideas, if possible, other than "upgrade to SP3"
>and "get the latest MDAC" as those are scheduled to
>through our corporate IT, but not for a couple of
>Please tell me I'm overlooking something simple.

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